Canadian Experience Class: The New Criterion

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Published: 24th October 2012
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Canadian Experience Class (CEC) forms the headlines of all the Canadian newspapers. The introduction of CEC immigration program is purely meant to leverage the Canadian economy manifolds by giving privilege to all international aspirants who have either graduated from Canada or earned work experience in Canada to apply for permanent visa from within Canada. The North American Country is looking forward for the international talent that can make remarkable difference to the economy by creating jobs for others & bringing innovation to the state-

What is Canadian Experience Class (CEC)?

CEC is one of the most recent immigration programs introduced by Citizenship & Immigration Minister- Jason Kenney. It opens the gateway of Canada permanently for the foreign students as well as foreign job aspirants to fuel the economy of the state. The immigration program allows all international students who have either pursued education in Canada or proved their brilliance while serving in Canada to permanently settle in Canada. For being well versed with the Canadian society the candidates are given privilege in shape of CEC. Other terms & conditions mainly constitute high score in language (English or French) and rich work experience. Under Canadian Experience Class foreign aspirants can easily apply for permanent visas from within Canada instead of returning back to their native countries and then applying for PR. No more waiting in long queues lasting for seven to eight years as the new immigration program aims at quicker decisions, finishing the backlog first & following the first come first service principle. The main motive behind this new program CEC is to retain the international talent that can easily integrate with Canadian lifestyle to strengthen the economy of the state by setting new benchmarks and creating new job opportunities for others.

Authorities Outlook

James Knight- President & Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges : CEC is one of the sound immigration programs that instantly meets the immediate needs of Canadian employers to make remarkable contribution to the economy of the state. Opening the gateway of Canada permanently for international students (holding eligible degrees) under CEC promises excellent Canadian citizens, brilliant employees and smart community members for tomorrow.

Jason Kenney- Citizenship & Immigration Minister : The proposed regulatory changes in Canadian Experience Class ensure prosperous Canada in future as the talented & skilled international aspirants can easily stay in Canada to contribute towards its economic development & innovation. Educational credentials & official language skills (English/ French) are the two important factors to be verified by the Canadian employers to license foreign aspirants in the state.

Highlights of CEC:

1. Canadian Experience Class is the newest immigration program aligned to boost the economy of the state.
2. CEC permits international students & job aspirants to apply for permanent visa within Canada.
3. CEC catalyzes the process of permanent visa as it promises quicker decisions.
4. CEC aims at retaining international talent by welcoming those who can easily integrate to Canadian environment after staying long in the North American State.
5. CEC looks forward to such foreign aspirants who can contribute towards the economy by creating surplus jobs for others.
6. CEC is purely meant to meet the Canadian economic goals.
7. Under CEC it is mandatory for each foreign applicant to have atleast 12 months Canadian work experience in the last 36 months from the date of filing the application for permanent visa. For some exceptional categories the bracket stretches to 24 complete months.
8. Language proficiency in English or French remains the same in CEC immigration program.
9. CEC would be able to meet the labor market needs meticulously and quickly too.

Canadian Experience Class would be instrumental in building stronger and prosperous Canada in lieu of the new talented & skilled international aspirants after getting PR in Canada. With numerous regulatory changes in immigration procedures CEC is one of the most generous immigration programs.

CEC program will take the nation to the path of enriched economic development nourished with the brilliance of skilled international aspirants.

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